An out of office reply

Whilst thou searcheth for me utterly, Shalt I be in a faraway place where rain drops would evaporate as they fall on the ground, And Sun’s rays would showeth no mercy and scorch the green leaves and pigs’ backs gladly; And animals of all kinds would stroll leisurely on tarmacked alleys, And the fragrance of many a country flower would waft about, Causing much a … Continue reading An out of office reply

Sous le ciel de Paris

In Paris, we  went to Hediard (equivalent to Fortnum & Mason in the UK; still affordable for someone earning a minimum wage) and passed by Maille (gosh, a shop exclusively for French mustard) and watch shops – selling watches ranging from 50,000 to 75,000 €. India’s per capita income is ~ 1500 USD and  it is ~ 40,000 USD for France and UK. Continue reading “Sous le ciel de Paris”