Productivity – Mindmaps and file management

iThoughts: This mindmap app enables you to create mindmap with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Salient features Pressing “Enter” button on key board creates a sibling, while pressing space three times creates a parent. One can create link between various siblings and parents. One can add hyperlink which will take you to a web browser. From Chrome or Safari, using a bookmarklet, you can create … Continue reading Productivity – Mindmaps and file management

School Administration

Masters/Certificate Courses in School Administration Manchester Metropolitan University The School of Educational Administration, Oxford Institute of Education, London Columbia University, USA Stanford University, USA Cloud IT services in School Administration Google Apps for education Mail merge using Google docs Autocrat – Document merge script FormMule – Close the Communications Loop with a Forms-Driven Email and Tracking System Related Weblinks Improving efficiency – Office Improving efficiency – General School … Continue reading School Administration