A biological battery

Plugging into sources of energy within our body — such as heat, internal motion or metabolites — to power implanted medical devices has long been the goal of biomedical engineers. Now researchers based in Cambridge, Massachusetts have demonstrated that a sensing device embedded in the ear can be powered by the ear’s own electrochemical battery. Our auditory mechanism picks up external sounds and sends information … Continue reading A biological battery

Electron Transport by Filamentous Bacteria

Necessity is the mother of natural selection. When conditions become threatening, maverick or mutant members of a group which can cope with the threat survive and multiply. The latest example is the discovery of a special type of bacteria in the ocean, which join together to form a long conducting nanowire cable to transport electrons and capture the oxygen at the surface for metabolic use. … Continue reading Electron Transport by Filamentous Bacteria

A new oxidant in the atmosphere identified

Source: The Hindu, India It is time that the authorities evolve strategies to contain the emission of green house gases since the vehicle population is increasing at a rapid pace. Scientists have for the first time found unequivocal evidence of another oxidant playing a vital role in the formation of gaseous sulphuric acid in the atmosphere. Until now, it was thought that the combination of … Continue reading A new oxidant in the atmosphere identified