Education & India

Thane Richard finds his study abroad experience in India an enormous disappointment. I recently read an article in Kafila written by some students from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi that really made me think. To quickly summarise, the piece criticised the draconian views of the Principal of St. Stephen’s College regarding curfews on women’s dormitories and his stymieing of his students’ democratic ideals of discussion, … Continue reading Education & India

Bookless school where everyone has iPad

A school in Bolton is pushing the boundaries of education by putting away pens and paper and giving all pupils and teachers their own iPad. Source BBC Related Why US schools are embracing ebooks and iPads Is Google’s Chromebook the future of computing? Bett 2013 Festival of Education London Knowledge Lab Oxford Human Brain Activity Continue reading Bookless school where everyone has iPad

Science Education

Michael Faraday’s lectures at London’s Royal Institution in the early 19th century were so popular that the carriages dropping people off to see him used to choke Albemarle Street in Mayfair – as a result, the street was designated the first one-way road in London. Faraday was a master communicator who thrilled audiences with the latest discoveries in chemistry and electricity. He was as much a brilliant … Continue reading Science Education

What is the point of education

This article was written by a 16 year for NDTV (India) I am a 16-year-old-student, about to begin class XII, and I’m preparing for all the engineering entrance exams for 2013. I have been sure of my career choice for nearly four years now, and have always enjoyed learning and building my knowledge. Here is my opinion on the change in the IIT  (Indian Institutes … Continue reading What is the point of education

The Personal MBA

Source Josh Kaufman is the author of The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business, an international bestseller with translations in 12 languages. Josh specializes in teaching professionals in all industries and disciplines how to master practical business knowledge and skills. The Personal MBA has sold over 75,000 copies worldwide to date, and has been in the top 0.1% of all business books sold on since its publication in … Continue reading The Personal MBA

Using technology in the classroom Part II

The current issue of Journal of Chemical Education (published by American Chemical Society) has many articles on technology enabled learning. I have listed the hyperlinked titles of articles below. If you want to get the full text, you can either pay for the article you need or contact the authors directly. I would strongly recommend all high school chemistry teachers to subscribe to this journal (costs … Continue reading Using technology in the classroom Part II

Debating the value of college education in America

These are some interesting quotes from the article published in The New Yorker ‘More and more Americans are going to college, but how many of them are actually learning anything?’   ‘Society needs a mechanism for sorting out its more intelligent members from its less intelligent ones, just as a track team needs a mechanism (such as a stopwatch) for sorting out the faster athletes … Continue reading Debating the value of college education in America

Education Resources on the internet

Educational videos Learning is undoubtedly more effective through visual interactive materials. Though traditional textbook continues to be a major educational resource, thanks to the Net, lecture videos are fast becoming an alternative learning tool. As you may be aware, tens of hundreds of video tutorials on a variety of subjects are available. Brightstorm, the service that offers several free videos on subjects such as science, mathematics and English is one … Continue reading Education Resources on the internet