An out of office reply

Whilst thou searcheth for me utterly, Shalt I be in a faraway place where rain drops would evaporate as they fall on the ground, And Sun’s rays would showeth no mercy and scorch the green leaves and pigs’ backs gladly; And animals of all kinds would stroll leisurely on tarmacked alleys, And the fragrance of many a country flower would waft about, Causing much a … Continue reading An out of office reply

PE-2 and CEN.PK meet (No.7) and earnestly salute women

Though CEN.PK and PE-2 also have two different mating types, they decide not to discuss about gender, as they feel it is a strange belief introduced by the humans. Today being the international women’s day, they decide to come together and give an earnest salute to all the women on the planet who are alive now and also for all those unsung heroines, who had given their lives, hearts and souls, for their families. Continue reading “PE-2 and CEN.PK meet (No.7) and earnestly salute women”

Nature’s call

300 million women and girls are forced to defecate outside Bangladesh, has reduced open defecation from 19% to 3% in just two years by decentralising sanitation programmes Nearly half of India’s 1.2 billion people have no toilets at home Everyday 200,000 tonnes of human feces are deposited in India, left in the open References Guardian: Lack of toilets puts India’s health and rural women’s safety at risk … Continue reading Nature’s call

India – Youth Advantage?

This report investigates student awareness, interests and aspirations around general and vocational education. Using a survey administered to class 12 students in one district each in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, and Karnataka, we attempt to gain a better understanding of student aspirations, awareness levels, sources of information, key stakeholders and factors that influence their education and career choices. We then map student interests against sectors that are slated to experience the highest … Continue reading India – Youth Advantage?

Nature’s call…

In a world where 2.5 billion people still do not have access to basic sanitation facilities, and 1.5 million children die each year from preventable diseases as a result, there is a pressing need to find sustainable solutions to this most ancient of human problems. “Nearly half of the population in developing regions – 2.5 billion – still lacks access to improved sanitation facilities. Shockingly, … Continue reading Nature’s call…

MBAs, you can learn from Mani Mama, the master chef

Source: The Hindu, India In Indian marriages, a common factor which determines the performance rating is food, its varieties and taste. With my experience of having attended more than 800 marriages, I always wonder how caterers manage to make hundreds of guests happy. My curiosity made me venture on a project to study the challenges involved in the management of mega marriages where thousands are … Continue reading MBAs, you can learn from Mani Mama, the master chef