Drive, Write and Automate

This post  is about report writing and automation: ​​ write a thesis/project report with references in MS word more about Google drive – documentation and tutorials Automate the learning environment using scripts and extensions Writing a report in MS word These two videos are a good introduction to write a report with table of contents including cross references. Writing a thesis or a report in … Continue reading Drive, Write and Automate

Google in Education

Certificate Course Google apps certified training, USA Google services Google Apps for education Google certified teacher Google teacher academy Autocrat FormMule YouPD Education on Air Google sites Related Weblinks Mail merge using Google docs Custom Learning Education in the Clouds Free technology for teachers Google docs tips and tricks Some of the best Google features Cloud computing Why Forms in Google Docs are Perfect for Creating … Continue reading Google in Education

School Administration

Masters/Certificate Courses in School Administration Manchester Metropolitan University The School of Educational Administration, Oxford Institute of Education, London Columbia University, USA Stanford University, USA Cloud IT services in School Administration Google Apps for education Mail merge using Google docs Autocrat – Document merge script FormMule – Close the Communications Loop with a Forms-Driven Email and Tracking System Related Weblinks Improving efficiency – Office Improving efficiency – General School … Continue reading School Administration