Productivity Tools – Documents and Emails

PDF expert lets you annotate documents, fill-in application forms, add digital signature, manage pages and save documents on the cloud (iCloud, Dropbox). Although you can also do annotation with the free acrobat app but for advanced features, you need to subscribe for £6 a month. YouTube Video PDF converter – lets you convert pretty much anything to PDF and save documents on the cloud. You can also … Continue reading Productivity Tools – Documents and Emails

Databases – retrieving records

Link to files used in my video. Excelisfun’s one of the several formula  based methods to retrieve records from a list based on a criteria – Video. It is much faster than the array formulas which can produce the same result. Cameron Crest’s video on query function in google spreadsheets is a missing manual for on query functions. His blog lists the spreadsheet employed in … Continue reading Databases – retrieving records

Individualised reports from Google forms

This video explains how one can create a mail merged document from form submissions. A simple mail merged document will give one report per record. This video employs excel formulas to accomplish individualised report per student when there are multiple records for the same student. The source files can be downloaded here. Videos on incrementing cells can be viewed in the two videos from Mike … Continue reading Individualised reports from Google forms

Self destruction

I recently read in “The Guardian” about self destructive electronics. I realised that there are parallels with Programmed Cell Death, Ending of the Self as well Self Destructive Messages. Apoptosis: The number of cells in this community is tightly regulated—not simply by controlling the rate of cell division, but also by controlling the rate of cell death. If cells are no longer needed, they commit suicide by … Continue reading Self destruction

The Future of Humanity

Suddenly a robotised, automated economic reality is moving off the science fiction pages and into daily life. The growing use of unmanned battlefield drones is encouraging the growth of pilotless commercial aircraft – the first ever flew in British airspace last month. Google’s driverless car is completing ever more trials ever more successfully: the world’s major car companies are all hot in pursuit, working on their own prototypes of … Continue reading The Future of Humanity

Smart Technology and the Future

The police have a very bright future ahead of them – and not just because they can now look up potential suspects on Google. As they embrace the latest technologies, their work is bound to become easier and more effective, raising thorny questions about privacy, civil liberties, and due process. For one, policing is in a good position to profit from “big data“. As the costs of recording … Continue reading Smart Technology and the Future