Let the mountain come to me…

Mobile devices Flipboard is an excellent way to collect updates from newspapers, journals, blogs, magazines as well as video channels. This video of my flipboard shows some of the ways in which I am using it on my iPad. **** Desktop Rich Site Summary (RSS) (video explains RSS in a simple way) Look for the symbol below, on web pages. Clicking that image activates subscription. You can receive updates … Continue reading Let the mountain come to me…

Isolating a needle in a haystack

Gmail ​​Examples of search Search for emails which has attachment has:attachment  Search for messages with an attachment Example: from:david has:attachment Meaning: Messages from David that have an attachment Search for emails which is in a particular folder in:anywhere Search for messages anywhere in Gmail* *Messages in Spam and Trash are excluded from searches by default Example: in:anywhere movie  Meaning: Messages in All Mail, Spam, andTrash that contain the word “movie” in:inbox in:trash in:spam Search … Continue reading Isolating a needle in a haystack

Drive, Write and Automate

This post  is about report writing and automation: ​​ write a thesis/project report with references in MS word more about Google drive – documentation and tutorials Automate the learning environment using scripts and extensions Writing a report in MS word These two videos are a good introduction to write a report with table of contents including cross references. Writing a thesis or a report in … Continue reading Drive, Write and Automate

Productivity – Mindmaps and file management

iThoughts: This mindmap app enables you to create mindmap with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Salient features Pressing “Enter” button on key board creates a sibling, while pressing space three times creates a parent. One can create link between various siblings and parents. One can add hyperlink which will take you to a web browser. From Chrome or Safari, using a bookmarklet, you can create … Continue reading Productivity – Mindmaps and file management

Productivity – Notes taking

Notes: The inbuilt app from iOS synchronises your notes with your email account. It is a very basic app and the text need to be typed. It is available for  free  (Notes) Notesplus: This is the most popular notetaking app in the appstore. You can take notes using various inbuilt e-pens (felter, fountain, caligraphy, wet brush), rest your palm by pulling up the palm rest, … Continue reading Productivity – Notes taking

Productivity Tools – Storage and Access

Passdrop: If you want to store all the passwords securely in one place, this app is great. The password database is stored in Dropbox and it is synced on the cloud. You must download the desktop application called Keepass and create the database there before you can access it on the iOS devices. App can be accessed without internet as well. Sandisk media drive: If you are limited … Continue reading Productivity Tools – Storage and Access

Productivity Tools: Screenshots

Sharex is a great screenshot capturing software. It enables to store your screenshots in your google drive as well as on your local folder. ShareX is a free and open source screen capturing tool for Windows so loaded with features that it may give even commercial screen capture programs a run for their money. The tool is portable too so you can run it on … Continue reading Productivity Tools: Screenshots