dois leveduras idoso – ACT II

IMG_0863.PNGVenue: At rue de vigata. Inspector Montalbano is busy solving the case ‘Find the lady‘ that men are still glued on too. Women are talking about a new company which is giving 100% interest on their money. The company has a beautiful office in a palatial mansion. Crowd was thronging to deposit their money so that they can double it in a year’s time.

Mood: Cacophony owing to the noise and tense because of the case. Continue reading “dois leveduras idoso – ACT II”

My life as a ball of air (.o.)

You played with me. I can’t remember the year precisely for I never aged. Every now and then I need to inhale a lump sum of air and that is all I consume. I literally live on air just as the monks in Himalayas do. I have breathed the same oxygen that Socrates, Shakespeare, Shelley had consumed. I hold history. Continue reading “My life as a ball of air (.o.)”