Algebra Quiz 4

A farmer has an adjustable electric fence that is 100 metres long. He uses this fence to enclose a rectangular grazing area on three sides, the fourth side being a fixed hedge. Find the maximum area he can enclose. Problem taken from L Bostock and S Chandler, Stanley Thornes Publishers Ltd, 1980. Solution: PDF of the solution Xlsx file for calculating the area of polygons … Continue reading Algebra Quiz 4

Highlights of Calculus

Source: MIT OCW These five Highlights of Calculus videos provide an overview of the key topics and ideas of calculus and how they apply to real-life situations and problems. Prof. Strang’s free on-line textbook is available here. Big Picture of Calculus: Calculus is about change. One function tells how quickly another function is changing. Professor Strang shows how calculus applies to ordinary life situations, such as: driving a car, climbing a mountain, growing … Continue reading Highlights of Calculus

Statistics for AS and A2 students in the UK

Most high students must be aware of The Khan Academy videos. Khan videos are good at ‘How to’ when it comes to solving problems but may not offer in-depth explanation per se. I taught AS statistics (Cambridge International Examinations, UK)  last year and I found  these videos very helpful. They are available on iTunes U as well as on YouTube.  Prof  Herbert B. Enderton was an excellent … Continue reading Statistics for AS and A2 students in the UK