School Administration

Masters/Certificate Courses in School Administration Manchester Metropolitan University The School of Educational Administration, Oxford Institute of Education, London Columbia University, USA Stanford University, USA Cloud IT services in School Administration Google Apps for education Mail merge using Google docs Autocrat – Document merge script FormMule – Close the Communications Loop with a Forms-Driven Email and Tracking System Related Weblinks Improving efficiency – Office Improving efficiency – General School … Continue reading School Administration

Leadership is associated with lower levels of stress

Contrary to what we commonly believe, researchers have found out that Leadership and stress are inversely related. Abstract from PNAS As leaders ascend to more powerful positions in their groups, they face ever-increasing demands. As a result, there is a common perception that leaders have higher stress levels than nonleaders. However, if leaders also experience a heightened sense of control—a psychological factor known to have … Continue reading Leadership is associated with lower levels of stress

Wise Leadership

Source: Harvard Business Review Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka, authors of the HBR article “The Wise Leader,” explain how the best executives strive for the common good. The Idea in Brief  Business now demands a different kind of leader—one who will make decisions knowing that the outcomes must be good for society as well as the company. Leaders must keep a higher purpose in mind. Although such … Continue reading Wise Leadership

What they don’t teach you at Indian B-schools

Source: The Hindu, India This last Sunday, I watched a show on CNBC called Lessons in Marketing Excellence. Essentially, it featured the final round of a competition for B-School students across India conducted by CNBC and Hindustan Unilever Limited. The four finalist teams were asked to address the problem of how to help the Indian Railways innovate. As the bright students in their dark suits made … Continue reading What they don’t teach you at Indian B-schools