India – Youth Advantage?

This report investigates student awareness, interests and aspirations around general and vocational education. Using a survey administered to class 12 students in one district each in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, and Karnataka, we attempt to gain a better understanding of student aspirations, awareness levels, sources of information, key stakeholders and factors that influence their education and career choices. We then map student interests against sectors that are slated to experience the highest … Continue reading India – Youth Advantage?

Education & India

Thane Richard finds his study abroad experience in India an enormous disappointment. I recently read an article in Kafila written by some students from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi that really made me think. To quickly summarise, the piece criticised the draconian views of the Principal of St. Stephen’s College regarding curfews on women’s dormitories and his stymieing of his students’ democratic ideals of discussion, … Continue reading Education & India

Google in Education

Certificate Course Google apps certified training, USA Google services Google Apps for education Google certified teacher Google teacher academy Autocrat FormMule YouPD Education on Air Google sites Related Weblinks Mail merge using Google docs Custom Learning Education in the Clouds Free technology for teachers Google docs tips and tricks Some of the best Google features Cloud computing Why Forms in Google Docs are Perfect for Creating … Continue reading Google in Education

Online Courses and the future of universities…

Source: The Guardian Two years ago, I sat in the back seat of a Toyota Prius in a rooftop car park in California and gripped the door handle as the car roared away from the kerb, headed straight towards the roof’s edge and then at the last second sped around a corner without slowing down. There was no one in the driver’s seat. It was … Continue reading Online Courses and the future of universities…

What is the point of education

This article was written by a 16 year for NDTV (India) I am a 16-year-old-student, about to begin class XII, and I’m preparing for all the engineering entrance exams for 2013. I have been sure of my career choice for nearly four years now, and have always enjoyed learning and building my knowledge. Here is my opinion on the change in the IIT  (Indian Institutes … Continue reading What is the point of education

Observations from Lilian Katz

During her 31 years at the University of Illinois, Lilian G. Katz taught a graduate course titled Early Childhood Curriculum Trends and Issues. The topics included selected aspects of child development, the role of play in learning, parent-teacher relationships, curriculum models and teaching methods, and examination of research related to all of these matters She writes: At the last class of every semester, I also evaluated the semester in terms of … Continue reading Observations from Lilian Katz

Inquiry based learning

Few articles, that I came across recently on inquiry based teaching and learning. Science magazine ( from the US has started a competition on this topic: Teaching Real Science In this issue of Science, we are publishing the first of 15 winning entries for the 2011 Science Prize for Inquiry-Based Instruction, a laboratory module entitled Light, Sight, and Rainbows. Created for introductory college science courses, each module can be readily … Continue reading Inquiry based learning