The bylanes of Göta älv

The Stena line stood tall by the shore taking in passenger cars, loaded trucks, and other merchandises in its under belly, and oh boy, with much pride too, as it was about to undertake its voyage in the wide-open-sea, free from the shackles of human made borders, albeit combating with the elements that would now and then swing her, or toss her up, during bad weather.


No doubt, the gigantic cranes that dot the harbour dutifully kept busy, carving an unique landscape for the 400th anniversary of Göteborg in 2021.


Now and then, you can hear the chimes of Masthuggskyrkan, beckoning the busy passers-by to just gaze at its mighty tower as they go about their busy lives, for the church had remained locked and empty, with no one to offer their prayers to the good old Christ or avail the silence as one sat on the lacquered pews.


And elsewhere, the waiters at Ahlströms konditori remained busy selling their päron godis and their signature Dansk rågbrød.


Another day in Göteborg waiting for the Sun to show its face that’s been covered behind the dark veil of clouds, while Göteborg energi kept the city’s inhabitants warm and cozy, by burning the rubbish acquired from here, there, and everywhere.



And a new year is thus born with possibilities to explore and to shut doors that numbs the self.

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