Happy New Year 2021

Little did we know that much of 2020 would be spent imprisoned behind four walls and bereft of human contact owing to the hegemony of a tiny particle: just one- millionth of the size of human hair.

Existential questions surfaced when one’s livelihood was at stake and some of us developed various coping mechanisms to combat the social isolation that came hand in hand with the lockdown.

And we yearned for better times to come where taking a stroll on the street or talking to another human being for that matter would not be constituted as a luxury but a birth right: the only two activities that we could still take for granted in our ephemeral and yet busy lives, in addition to the air we breathe.

With millions vaccinated and many more yet to be shot in their arm, undoubtedly, 2020 has carved itself a special place in history books and in our memories. It is only natural to seek that 2021 would gradually bring back our blemished hopes and perhaps establish a better hold on our sense of time: every day was just another day in 2020 indistinguishable from each other.

Let us earnestly wish that the new year 2021 would lift the curtain of gloom, enable us to value human interactions more than ever, and bring people closer beyond race, colour, creed, or our differences.

Wish you all an insightful new year ahead.

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