An out of office reply


Whilst thou searcheth for me utterly,
Shalt I be in a faraway place where rain drops would evaporate as
they fall on the ground,
And Sun’s rays would showeth no mercy and scorch the green leaves
and pigs’ backs gladly;
And animals of all kinds would stroll leisurely on tarmacked alleys,
And the fragrance of many a country flower would waft about,
Causing much a commotion on the streets of Madurai.
Such times it would be when this out of reply arrives in
Your inbox packed with many messages of all kinds,
cluttering your digital space with a few more of 0s and 1s.
Waiteth shalt thou till I return to attend to your email.
Till then, I shalt but only say: ‘vises’ and ‘have en god dag’.



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