Such a long hiatus

Metropolitan Museum, NY

Many a followers did I gather when the creative energy surged in me in Brazil and Sweden,
and just as I arrived in Sheffield in January 2018,
long gone the muse was, and new habits squarely got entrenched.
Thus Instagram became the new kid on the block and WP was relegated for better times.

Oculus, NYC

Guilt though pricked me at times,
asking why I didn’t write any more.
To quell this once for all, decided I to drape a few carefully chosen words around, on a bank holiday afternoon on the 6th of May, from an apartment in Sheffield, whence the sky was blanketed with not-so-dark clouds
and Schumann’s Kreisleriana was vibrating the air molecules
through the Bose Wireless link speaker that I bought in 2013 or so, to share with you the life and times one Vijay Raghavendran.

Whitby Abbey, UK

Join me through these new platforms where the aim is to showcase the beauty of thought and the natural world, the words and emotions that comes therewith,
to seek happiness in forms that befitted species of my kind. And write did I on a few occasions, such as the one below when I was invited to go to a movie my friends in Sheffield.

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Gladly join I shall for the movie and the drink,
but eat I must for the brew to digest,
whilst I enjoyeth the jocund company,
over a beer or two at the country tavern,
where many a men and women for years hence,
have sat on the stools by the counter tops or
stood by the aisles whence jolly good fellas
sang ‘this and that’ after at the end of a long day’s hard labour,
to mollify their beings and thoughts alike,
an act of rejuvenation thou might say;
as the gala cometh to an end,
retreat we will, to the showroom at cinema no.2,
to watch the ‘isle of dogs’ set in a Japanese town, where the quadrupeds
although forsaken by the society, steadfastly seeketh
a wee bit of solace and a modicum of comfort,
and earnestly hopeth that tomorrow shalt be alright !

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA


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