Of precipitated thoughts and suspended emotions


Many a war she has fought,
and many a land she did conquer,
many a soldier she has squarely lost,
while her swollen pride shall suffocate many more.

The land of Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Keats,
is lonely, bereft of her neighbours in Europe.
Her bosom is bountiful with Nature,
yet her breasts run dry.

With profit as the only bait,
the men in suits march ruthlessly with staunch insouciance,
trammelling many a slug and lettuce,
and other insignificant lives along their way.

Educators take to the streets and protest;
Abysmal pension plans surely they do have,
Whence the chancellors’ bank balance accumulate
much to everyone’s chagrin and forsaken opportunities.

Paper.Sketches.1 (5)
Hapless students stay in shared flats
with borrowed money and low-morality,
suffer yet another time, the debt
burying them alive in broad daylight,
much to hoodwinkers’ delight.

The researchers and non-tenure track workers.
And the grade 1-5 workers of numerous workplaces
justly seek security, a roof over their head,
and a stress-free life is all they ask.

Sketches - 233
The zero-hour contract workers, and the food delivery men and women,
the workers who compete with robots, and
the supermarket till workers and stockpilers,
rightly seek security.

The once mighty ruler is now lost in her senile thoughts.
A sense of gloom ominously prevails,
and individualism overshadows communities.
Loneliness and despair drives people to seek security in nationalism.

Powerful and ruthless men at the top of
Camford Institutes and mega-corporations,
with their blatant nepotism and self-interest,
perpetuate the status quo.

When did she become so individualistic?
With her blinkered vision,
what values would she impart to her future children,
as educators, as parents, as law abiding citizens?

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