As estrelas também são solitárias

The blue sky blankets the Earth.
The sun’s rays penetrates the abyss.
With birds chirping and hunters gathering,
Life is very much happening.


Researchers from all walks of life
stay put in closed laboratories
for many long hours to discover
the beauty of Life itself.


Meanwhile, the stars are lonesome,
for the Sun overshadows them;
the little ones and the faraway ones are
forever immersed in despair too.


The dendrites of consciousness

Once in a while, a forlorn star beseeches
the bipeds to look above: the pedestrians promenade the
kungsportsavenyn in dashing clothes with
their boyfriends and girlfriends.



Os finos homens e mulheres
are busy with their palm-held
contraption: and emit it surely does
the light of one thousand suns.



A feeling of forsakenness drapes the stars
yearning for company amidst their galactic
friends and relatives. Nature too seeks
out, and wishes to partake in the beauty of Life.


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