Of meetings and unsaid things

Paper.Sketches.1 (5)

How little do we know of someone’s immediate thoughts?
Had they a tranquil night, spent sufficient time with their near and dears?
See them we and talk to them too, with little hint of their feelings.
Their pain, loneliness, misery, grief and happiness oblivious to us.
And ours to them, equally.


Share they do certainly;
with the lonesome clouds
and the black bird that perches on their windowsills
day after day
till eternity.


Paper.Sketches.1 (4)

Is there another way to relate with living beings?
Could we seek solace in our loneliness and sorrow?
Our loved ones shall too depart from us one day.
Must we wait for the final curtain fall,
to truly experience beauty?


Paper.Sketches.1 (3)

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