Of arms and men

Sketches - 252

A hungry child cries.
And a selfless mother thrusts her breast
upon the lips to appease its hunger;
– until the next wail.


A nation is in fear.
And a selfish sire sells fighter jets and torpedoes,
to alleviate its fear;
– until the next fright.




The sprawling blue sky drapes the Sun soaked lakes;
A duty of care once used to bind all on this ancient land.
With its’ just right’ approach to life garnishing brilliantly its multitude of activities:
– aka lagom.




Whilst silence lasts between muted harmonies,
the automobile geniuses eagerly sell ammunitions and other paraphernalia
that perpetuates the war around and accentuates the violence,
to their utter disknowledge.



Lives simply erased.
Like words on the beach by the receding water;
Like words on the black board by a dutiful teacher;
– Like bulbous clouds that bursts into rain.


The Law of Nature simply obeyed:
Matter merely transformed from one form to another;
From alive to killed.
– From a seller to a buyer.



Children will cry again;
Mothers will thrust their breasts again
whilst the milk lasts.


Nations will fear again;
And the sires will sell
while the money lasts.

6 Dec 2016 -2


Where hath gone the lagom and the camaraderie?
Hath humankind fallen prey to the
mighty emotions of greed, and fame and their grand-relative: power?

26 Nov 2016


The land of Nobel dispenses
awards for discoveries that preserves life;
Its frankenstein alter ego trammels every step thus taken.

Elephant mother and daughter


The noblest money is bloodied, warped in guilt.
The stain of suffering shall not be washed away
by the purest of water.


Of what use are the prizes and the foundations,
when the human mind is at disarray.
What real purpose does science serveth then in such a society?


To perpetuate more war?
Or to preserve the sanity and the intelligence?



  1. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
  2. Nobel Peace Prize
  3. What happens when war is outlawed?


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