Musings from Göteborg – II


A multitude of men and women, of various colours and creed,
criss-cross the corridors of Chalmers every day.
Another fika gets celebrated on the sixth floor at the BIO department:
this time for the arrival of a little child of our two fellow researchers.
With clockwork precision, this little being cracked open the wall and crackled his first cry.
He hath dwelled in his mother’s womb for several months;
hath listened to the rhythmic breath, the variegated sounds,
and imbibed the odour molecules with great aplomb.
He certainly hath kicked and somersaulted; learnt experiences and shared them too.
And so, this new being evolved through Nature’s generosity;
(New) Consciousness gets incorporated and undoubted Joy filled everyone’s lives.
Parenthood: a blissful feeling indeed.
The tram that crisscrosses the belly of Goteborg too
gathers rich experiences every day.
It holds hundreds of people in its receptacle,
as it chugs towards Lånemanesgarden.
Another tram with the sign ‘Angered’ creeps by.
No sooner had the driver rung the bell
than a lonesome and an angry man disembarked
and sauntered along to the Burger Factory at biskopsgården.

People in buses and trains
stare emptily with a meditative quality.
Occasionally this pin drop silence is momentarily shattered,
and the established social decorum collapses;
a raised eyebrow just suffices, to remind, yet another time,
the lagom tradition of being just the right amount,
to that boisterous fellow passenger.
February the purificator arrived and went in a jiffy.
Janus too was swallowed by Time,
for a year of hibernation.
The tram that is often crowded,
was miraculously sparser that day,

A standing child counts the digits on her fingers as she sings and gapes at the grey sky.
A flock of seagulls sit on a line on the rooftops of Redbergsplatsen while the gentle pigeons
peck on the food drops on the cobbled footsteps by Pressbyrån.
Life presents such simple moments all along.

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