The life and times of zeroes & ones


We have heard of ice age,
stone age, bronze age and iron age.
Now we are living in an age of information.
oui, absolument, framtiden är digital

ð ð

Our laboratory web page will be one among the billions,
buried on the world wide web.
And, with much casualness, we open the websites on
our handheld devices.

ð ð

Do we ever realise that,
we too would be gone after our act is over.
Yet, if only we could document history that is not mundane,
perhaps we would then accomplish the ‘rites of passage’.

ð ð

Websites are living things too.
They need nutrients in the form of 0s and 1s.
Faculties and students hold a wealth of experiences (0s and 1s)
and they could nourish this virtual entity for History’s sake.

ð ð

Sketches - 233
The drawings of Homo erectus

So might one suggest to have educational materials in English
(and in the regional language)
including solutions to problem sets and
proudly share our research failures,
in greater detail. A hypothesis can be wrong too.

ð ð

For several years hence, one such nondescript folder
carried out its call of duty
with such meticulousness that,
it too aged, and was gradually withering away.

ð ð

for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

Dame C from Germany
took interest in this ageing console,
and was determined to infuse more life to this virtual soul;
and thus, was born the server support group: S2g

ð ð

Monsieur M cloned the console
in the event of a sudden cataclysm,
whilst performing the odd job of
shuffling its contents to create this new being.

History buried beneath in Östra kyrkogården

ð ð

Senhor Vijay was summoned to write to few words
on this unforeseen being that hath been revealed to you.
A few tips and tricks is all needed,
to keep this being going for many more years to come.
‘For men may come and men may go, I (websites & server) shall go on forever’
(from ‘The Brook, by Alfred Lord Tennyson: 1809-1892)

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