Down the memory lanes…


Two responsible adults
decided to share their lives together
in all its forms: with its glory and sorrow combined.
I must tell you how they met,
for the meeting was very special indeed.
Begum was in her first year and bhaijaan
was in his second year, at a college in India.
One day, sahib mustered his courage
and went straight to Sahiba who was in a cycle rickshaw,
and uttered the following words:
“much doth I love thee, and much yearneth I,
ought we to build castles for our endearing love for years to come.”
Sahiba could not contain her joy.
She shared this news with great pleasure
to her father – a firm stickler that he was.
Imposed he many a restraint on our lovestruck bhaijaan,
who shook them off with much aplomb.
Surely, true love conquers all.

After many a heart wrenching and nerve racking,
bade Sahib finally yielded, and a day was fixed
for sahiba to marry the bhaijaan, amidst much resplendence.
One became two, two became three, and they travelled
to places as far as Canada, far from their place of abode.
And finally, they reached the land of Amazon, Brazil,
where they met Victorius Ragavinsky, who shared their story
with one and all, to their heart’s delight.

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