To the Sun


How quickly the clouds move at the first sight of the early morning Sun!
They move en masse, as though a congregation has been organised
by the elders of the nebula family.


Children playing on the ground
plead their mothers to bring the bulbous
cotton candy that floats midair.


Momentarily, the oldest of the clouds
gather their muscles and shield you
to give some respite for the workers who dot the paddy fields of Hubei.



Birds come out of the nest and sing the most beautiful songs.
Worms come out of the soil to feed on the fresh leaves
that have just sprouted.


The magpies and skylarks are elated with abundant food and berries.
Plants sport magnificent colours and attract every onlooker
to feel and to touch, the soft, velvety, exterior.


And human beings smile at last.
Smile that swells like water from the
hot springs of Vichy.


Such wonders doth the Sun bring
on a pleasant morning during Spring time.
Thou art truly great, mon cher ami ):

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