The visitor that one yearns for

The jacarandas of Alapuzha

And so, every week, on a Thursday
more precisely,
Nature truly manifests herself in all her
glory and her entirety.


Hear we will of parrots
that listen to the music to be merry;
Of unruly senescent cells that are
dispatched to the grave by a clever messenger.
(several amino acids long)


Of the worthiness of the 3R’s:
rigour, reproducibility & robustness, in research.
And, how the once corrodible iron was
made iridescent to imprison the Sun’s rays in non-life panels.



Of the much ostracised ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’,
that championed itself as a malady amidst much fanfare;
Thanks indeed to the dysfunctional metabolic pathways
and the non-familiar gut microbiota.

Of the insatiable human greed
that depletes ground water
– several cubic kilometre (one tenth of the yearly discharge of the river Rhine),
leaving the bosom of our mother Earth dry and arid.

We also hear about the water beast,
and Brexit, and asteroids,
and transboundary effects. Big words
must I say for a brain that is few hundred grams or so.



And elsewhere in the lab-oratories,
several shiny and armoured guards
with clear intent and transparent housing,
remain stoic to the indelible chemicals that it is often doused with.


Eventually, four dark and petite beauties
will meet their alter egos ‘Cellulase’
yestermorrow, at 23 apm sharp. Together
they will travel to the Seventh Heaven and
play chess with the very ‘Death’ himself.


PS: This post makes use of the news/research articles from the latest issue of the Nature magazine.

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