En idealisk liv


Eradicate double standards,
Chisel and cherish existence,
Engrave and embalm golden moments,
Loath minisculest time wasted,
Fill your think thoughts,
Kindness and compassion
Camaraderie and bonhomie,
The Delectable savouries.


To help and be helped,
To live and let live,
To feed and be fed,
To share and be shared,
To enjoy and be joyful,
Free from wile thoughts,


To live wisely, judiciously,
meaningfully, blissfully, for
mystical beings wander our profound minds
hijacking unto eternity,
Gratifying its vicarious soul,
Vivisecting till the last breath of Life remains,
And wear away with the gentle Zephyr
With no trace of our existence
To start all over again, the
Very process of birth, mirth, loath and death.

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