Letters to a Friend – X

03 Oct 2016 - 1.png

Remember, we last met in April?

Yes, late summer it was.


On the fifth floor, overlooking a magnificent forest,

Gathered we were;


Bollywood music loomed from a caixa de son,

And we had sumptuous food with

cold beers and red wines;


And boy, we couldn’t resist the dance.


The fastest footsteps of a moustachioed hero

from a Telugu movie that was

demonstrated with great flamboyance by Aga;

And the ever famous lungi dance,

Certainly made the onlookers go berserk.



Winter came and sent us all into shivers,

Even in our meadowy and warm Campinas;

It buried the old memories of nosso Campaneiros,

 As well the dead leaves that fell on the ground

in the autumn that preceded.


The cicadas went into hibernation,

Only to come in September;

Even the Sun arose and set at unusual hours,

For the clocks went backward,

To have a moment of repose, I suppose.


Children, and Gym-goers,

Parents and researchers,

Exhibited a moderate degree

of slackness, in the autumnal,

And wintry months

praying for our dear Spring to arrive.


Then in late Winter,

Olympics and Para Olympics arrived;

40th anniversary of bandejão just knocked

At the beginning of Spring,

Sending the lunch queues a mile long,

To deliver heartfelt wishes,

To the place that has nurtured

os estudantes de Unicamp.



Meanwhile, new people joined.

Fresh shoots and flowers emerged.

And old timers shall depart.

Such is the law of Nature.

We shan’t remain in one place

for longer, our thoughts included.


Would it not be nice to meet us all soon?

Before each of us with our busy lives,

Diverge even more, albeit unconsciously;

And merrily share our segment of history,

Without prejudice and fear,

 with everyone else?


Might we make a dinner meet soon that will

Remain etched in our memory cells forever?

All we would remember in 10 years’ time from now,

Would be the nice guacamole that we had

with tortilla chips and salsa dip,

Or a Margarita cocktail rubbed with lime and salt,

gapshaps and dubsmash

and Obrigados and Obrigadas.



Do let me know if thou shall participate

Only to book a table for our convenience,

On a busy Sábado, at a bar

Frequented by one and all.


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