Letters to a Friend – IX



My dear dear Lark from the
golden city of Ouro Preto,


Today you accomplished another
milestone in your life.

Seis de Setembró will truly be day to remember

for years to come.


A sapling that once was,
Has grown unfettered to a beautiful and a sensual Woman,

With a caring boyfriend and with a home away from home,

A dream for many, I must say.


With the thesis defended despite the
Trepidation that ate the soul of our
Delicate Lark, she would use the title Lark da Minas, M.Sc.,

With much nonchalance in her email signature from this day onward,

A mute yet a towering witness to the many 400 hour long fermentation

that she conducted on many Sábados e domingos.


After the befitting celebrations that morning
Em sala de estudos com frutas e sucos,
The glorious day shall be imprisoned,
With a party at Pietro’s from 8 pm onwards, and very gladly
Spilling over to the next day,
The seventh of Setembró,
The day of independence por nosso Brasil.



I wish you success in your next endeavour as a Ph.D. student,

And if I may be bold enough to say, do
Have a polite conversation with Monsieur Fear, that his behaviour will
Henceforth be not tolerated in you, absolutely.


And thus our Mineira sought freedom from fear from

dia sete de Setembró; children will speak of fondly for years to come.

em estado de Minas e em outros lugares


Congratulations dear Lark on completing your Master’s thesis,

and I am very happy to partake in this minuscule history.


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