Spring clean



Oh my,

August left with much of a drama, must I say…


Announcements were made on several weather channels

For several days’ antes

[Meticulous calculations made by the

state Meteorological department with their

Supercomputer called ‘Saudade’,

employing several differential equations with boundary conditions,

in conjunction with the wind speed and the position of Earth]

that Campinas shall have its official spring clean on

31st Agosto às 7 da manhã precisamente.


And thus, on the wee hours of 31 the spring clean officially began.


Water was splashed from above and from afar,

On the walls of several edificios,

On the tiny leaf shoots

That has just emerged from the thick base of a periwinkle

Behind Professor’s sala

…On the arara azuls flying North to get açai for our little Julia,

Who lives in Manaus with  Her mum and dad:

 On the Jack fruit that was hanging precariously

From a massive branch in the courtyard;

The water molecules busy solvating its dense exterior,

So much so that the giant fruit eventually atrophies,

Drops with a thud on the floor,

                                                          And splits open its flesh for the Country ants to arrive…

                                                                          …On the skulls of our dear men and women,

Who were busy commuting from their homes to

faraway places of work…


…And finally on the pitchers of the insectivorous plants

  • — That sits on the window sill in the copa at Sala de estudos

which was truly and ravenously collecting water

To dilute the syrupy juice of its guts,

A sheer act of pure mercy for the fellow ants that would

Fall in the juice after eating the jackfruit,

So that they die a little less ruthlessly…


The grime and soot that has accumulated over the days

leading to spring clean was washed away by the splayed water;

Water seeping into the brains took away some of the memories

that stuck to the grey cells of our dear men and women,

momentarily making them forgetful of their most menial of tasks…


The collected water was gathering its momentum to arrive at an abyss

where the grime, soot and the memories will get compacted,

deconstructed, and become the energy source for the new millennium.


One never knows what the spring clean has in for, until they go with the flow, right ?


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