notre mère- II


Mothered by our wonderful mother,

Nourished in her womb,

Bathed in the amniotic fluid,

Breathed through the umbilical cord,

Played in her sheltered sac,

Pranked her with kicks,

Troubled her with pains,

Filled her life with substance,

Made her existence with a beautiful countenance,

Converted two to three and made one from two,

Blithe and joy, happiness and sacrimony followed…


Childhood: passed on by one and scooped by another

Remembrances and experiences swallowed,

To gallop non-stop, to survive, to support, to flourish,

To conquer time and fate and make it still…


Mother, what a monster have we become,

where art the secrets and lies

of our lost childhood, our aspirations,

our simple desires of playing with a toy…?

Must we endure for how long ?


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