Letters to a friend – V

A chance encounter of a beautiful kind

Today will be a special day indeed for our

Calm and composed Lark from Minas Gerais.

She has seen trees and insects

And even gold, in the luxurious state of Minas.

Mas, Hoje, dia vinte e quarto de Agosto,

e uma dia especias, por que

Lark had a glimpse of this globular pendant

With a life and thinking on its own.


File_001 (1)

She will perhaps spend the next four years

Or who knows for the many years to come,

With this microscopic form of life

That she saw through a contraption

Invented by Meneer Leeuwenhoek.



With eyes glued onto the eyepiece,

And using a lever to scan past

The glass slide that held a family

Of Pedra dois, she was initiated to the

World of the ‘microscopic’ universe by our Ze Master.


File_001 (2)

No sooner had she found one giant bud with her daughter

Than she leapt in the air,

And exclaimed ‘Eureka, I Found it’.

Every day has its charm,

But todays shall be etched in the memory of

Our dear Lark forever.



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