Letters to a Friend – IV


Birds, bees and (air)crafts do it,
and Gosh Time does it too
to much of our surprise.
Yes, they all fly.
I saw M as a little girl
sometime in 2006 during the holy month
of Ramadan. A invited me to come along
to the cottage where the Bs lived in the woodlands.
Subsequently, Time subsumed M’s younger years,
and M eventually stepped into the assembly hall
for her prospective week, foregoing that little girl
that once she was, guarding her experience in her grey cells.
Despite having both the parents at the School,
and having such beauty, that made many S’ spin around
her like moon around the earth, M respected her parents and spent time with her younger brother,
her mum and dad, and continued for four or so years at the School.
Her dance and art were ebullient like her eyes, flowing like a stream.
Her henna tatoos or her interest in sound engineering confused gender definitions.
Her knack of dealing with adult staff members was quite a talent
For everyone knew her since she was child of 6 years.
Her leaving speech was one of the best I ever listened to.
She moved on, to do Dance, before proceeding to the US with a full
scholarship. Now I see the same Ms. M
as a young woman with a nice boyfriend working with for a reputed firm.

The seed that once germinated into a sapling
is now a fully grown tree. The fruits, the shade and the flowers,
and the entire ecosystem that it created what matters, even though
the seniors were obliged to have a forced retreat from the very grounds
the sapling grew.


Life moves on, our time on the plant is a mere 80 odd years.

Might we keep aside our differences and live peacefully for planet’s sake.


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