dois leveduras idoso – ACT II

IMG_0863.PNGVenue: At rue de vigata. Inspector Montalbano is busy solving the case ‘Find the lady‘ that men are still glued on too. Women are talking about a new company which is giving 100% interest on their money. The company has a beautiful office in a palatial mansion. Crowd was thronging to deposit their money so that they can double it in a year’s time.

Mood: Cacophony owing to the noise and tense because of the case.

Protagonists: the same old yeasts we met in ACT I.


Two old yeasts talk about their children

Yeast 1: You remember when we went to school we learnt the quickest way to consume glucose and produce ethanol. Producing ethanol is all that mattered.

Yeast 2:Yes I remember very well. Herr Stamm was our teacher. We were given a 10% sucrose solution and tested for our ability to convert at maximum rates. Oh my, the sugar was indeed sweet. At times. It did clog my periplasmic space.

Yeast secretes invertase to hydrolyse the glycosidic bond between glucose and fructose in sucrose. Once broken down, they are transported inside through facilitated diffusion where they are converted to their end products.

They talk about the education methods

Yeast1: My daughter was just telling me that the curriculum has changed. The new curriculum is all about outcomes and how well our filhas could contribute to our economy. They have been used as guinea pigs to test various educational ideas.

Yeast2: Oh really. I did not know about it. You see I send my daughter to an alternative school where they still have ‘old fashioned’ teaching methods that the new age entrants seem to detest. I am quite happy with the school. I have personally talked to the principal Senhora Oliveira. They have plenty of olive trees our filhas can cling on to. I personally think that the olives are still better than the dark material that few other schools give.

Yeast occur in abundance in grapes and barks.

Yeast1: That is so lovely to hear. The other day my filha came and said that the lunch boxes must contain at least one lignocellulose hydrolysate. I need to go to the factory at rua da capilloni to obtain some of the material. They are indeed expensive. I need to work a whole month to fetch a few grams.

Producing lignocellulosics is a costly business. Nature made the material tough. Deconstruction comes at a price. Plenty of research is being done on biomass deconstruction.

Yeast2: Oh, dear, I am so sorry to hear your plight. Today I sent a bunch of grapes and some cheese to my filhas. I got the grapes from the organic market at rua uva maria.

Yeast 1 could not listen much what yeast 2 said. It blurted out…

Yeast1: Listen more. Not only that. At the end of every month the little buds would be tested. Whoever consumes the lignocellulosics at the maximum rate and tolerates the stress from their components of hydrolysates, would be adjudged the winner. They will get a monthly supply of grapes from the much adored St.Tropez shop in rua quinze de março.

Although the winner will get to win green awards, green technology is still not entirely embraced. There are critics who vehemently oppose spending money on green chemicals.

Yeast1: That is so disgusting. To put these little buds to test at such an early age. Their cytoplasm would suffer the most despite its plasticity.

Cells adapt as it is all about their survival.

Yeast2: It is sad that with progress one tends to discard old values. Not everybody has the luxury to send their filhas to an alternative school. However, I quite like the middle approach. I just learnt from Scheffersomyces that there is a new school where they teach their buds to tolerate to inhibitors in small amounts by giving copious amounts of sucrose.

Yeast2: That is so clever. The buds will still get to eat their favorite sucrose and at the same time build resilience towards the inhibitors. Darn, I like this homeopathy method…

Yeast1: There is yet another school where they teach our filhas together with the downtrodden, the archaea. Those little creatures are extremely resilient towards those inhibitors. It is told that Nature speaks with them. Our filhas never seen those poor souls in their life. I am glad that Senhora Oliveira is promoting diversity and teaching our filhas ways to accept the archaea and also learn from them. I am sure they co-learn.

Yeast 1 and yeast2: They have been brooding over the educational methods recently. Both of them are not sure how long they will be able to continue as one approach is good but costs more and the other one is a little less expensive but mainstream. Only time will tell.

Their filhas has just come back from the schools and calling mofatter, mofatter, look who I have with me. I have brought along my friend Thiobacillus. He has never seen buds like us. Could we go and play on the swing and have some grapes please ?

Sure, my lovely darlings. Just be careful on the swing that you do not hurt yourself. If your membrane is damaged, it is very difficult to suture them.

OK mofatter. We will swing very carefully. The bud and the archaea began to play.

May the diffusion flux guide them well.

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