Caldos quentinhos

Happy I shall be,
to take with me a bottle of wine,


+ which when placed in a cauldron, with a bit of clove and cinnamon,
+ and gently warmed over low heat, would produce the most
++ exquisite drink of all, that would befit the cold evening perfectly,
+++ so much so that heaven and earth gets transposed momentarily,
++++ and sends many a heart transfixed at least this instance…


The stomach is indeed what the universe
must strive to please, with caldo quentinhos (hot soup)
and other salubrious options that simply become irresistible,
particularly on a Thursday, the day of thunder and rumblings



Perhaps if we had placed the belly before the mind,
we could have ”averted” the two-world wars and other such calamities that
had happened since then, And history could have been very different now…


After all, it is good to be in a subjunctive mood and ask ‘what if’
as it adds creativity and imagination to an otherwise dull history

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