Pourings of a purest kind

…as we watch the clouds pour, yet another day,
pails of water on our otherwise dry shoulders, 
only to scamper off to a drier place to protect from
this mass effluence of water molecules from the sky….

And when our heart yearns for a nice glass of glögg,
or mulled wine, a drink most suited
for occasions such as these, when cold
weather descends on our warm and dear Brasileiros,
from a place far far away…
The water molecules are very queitly having a gala time,
consuming at least two-and-a-half thousand
kilo Joules for every kilogram, equivalent to the energy required to cool
36, six hundred mL bottles of beer, by 30 degrees or so.
All the latent energy promptly arriving
from our ‘Noble’ Sun yet another day…
On such an occasion the imagination does
soar high, and our heart throbs to read something
that is neither factual nor arbitrary, and
the writing from Primo Levi  is perhaps a perfect companion
to inspire us all. After all, we are made of Carbon and
must we not care to know more of it ?
 Here we go then…
Primo Levi Bio
Born in Turin in 1919, Primo Levi graduated in chemistry shortly before the Fascist race laws prohibited Jews like himself from taking university degrees. In 1943 he joined a partisan group in northern Italy, was arrested and deported to Auschwitz. His expertise as a chemist saved him from the gas chambers, however. He was set to work in a factory, and liberated in 1945. 

His memoir ‘The Periodic Table’ takes its title from the table of elements, arranged according to their atomic mass, which was originally devised by Dmitri Mendeleyev in 1869. Levi links each episode of his life to a certain element. But in the book’s final section, printed below, he sets himself to imagine the life of a carbon atom. This was, he says, his first ‘literary dream‘, and came to him in Auschwitz. Source WIKI

Bonsoir à tous and have a good read.

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