Two yeasts date ):- ö-ö -(:


Overwhelmed by dear dear Niad’s sadness,
of not consuming xylose, the laboratory yeast went
to the wild to acquire better traits to please Ms. Niad.


After many a schmoo and other such tricks,
with Mx Pichia, its distant relative, bud necks developed without shame
to ease the process of cytoplasmic co-mingling followed by a sloshy play
(limited by diffusion).


After many a sweat with burnt ATPs, the two yeasts consummated their union.
Genetic material was exchanged with great precision that outsmarts even the drones.
Homologous recombination ensued hereafter, and thus a variant was born.


The diploid yeast has now better fitness for it can super consume xylose:
a sweet but recalcitrant sugar requiring a bit of coercion. Subsequently, communities thrived on xylose as they were producing many offsprings much faster.


An article gets published in ‘Nature‘ titled: Improved fitness of a laboratory yeast
through mating with a distant lineage‘ authored by
Niad, Rockindrom, Cobain and Connery.


Peace is restored at last. And our dear Niad can now merrily conduct more experiments with much ease and with a much shorter doubling time. Now we can
conclude our little story. The moral is: ‘The universe listens’ through its g-waves.

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