Three little orange pips

photo (1)

Three little orange pips
were sitting in a spiral strainer,
waiting to catch some fresh air
and smell the soil outside too.
Once they had a house,
with plenty of luxury.
Sugar present at a distance
merely a few milli-metres away.
Now the master (& mistress) have relished the sugar
and discarded the uninteresting pips, frivolously,
in a drain frequented by many a researcher
up in sala de estudos at LEMeB.
The pips might meet its kith and kin,
in the very recipiente do lixo organico,
Should the luck favour it, for the
mood of the person might be a turbulent one too.
Meanwhile, the pips are smothered with soapy water,
with coffee waste and fat globules; And,
It shall await eagerly for that moment when a benevolent soul cares
to place it out in the open to germinate, amidst the bougainvilleas and the country grass.

PS: The pips are a storehouse of energy. They could be used to generate energy in not -so-rich countries to obtain energy. Full text from PNAS here.

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