A tribute to a battery tower


A year and a half in Campinas,
And much energy have I consumed,
With many triple As and double As
As you see in this not-so-magnificent battery tower.


Little packets of energy in those small metal casings:
a: excited the keyboard where I momentarily brought herr Bach to life,
b: cancelled the noise around, with the headphones I wore, to listen to BBC Radio 3,
Before warming the very air I breathed in the living room,
and eventually becoming part of the cosmos.


They have obediently discharged their duties during all those times,
without slack or repose and without nothing in return;
And they shall be recycled, their marrow sucked, their casings melted,
before a clone of them is made, packed and sold in stores in many places.


Immense research is made on this very battery, in MIT, Stanford and other  Everylands,
Where they tweak the shape, form and its contents, to discharge even more,
And with bated breath, these little casks wait for their day of demise and extinction,
And we shall become history too, eventually with the advent of mechanical humans.


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