A tribute to Pi

Decimal digits of Pi (~ 1500 digits)

Pi (Π) day is celebrated on 14 March every year.
Θ– Θ

However, this year, that day shall remain etched in history,
and in our memories too; For once in a lifetime,
our own beautiful pi, is bestowed with this unique
celestial event, where it heartily celebrated its birthday
coinciding with the day of the year.
Σ– Σ

(3.14159 is rounded off as 3.1416,
which is 14 of March, 16).

Though many brilliant artworks on Π exists, [such as this by Martin Krzywinski], a contribution from me can be seen in this excel file, where you can see the randomness of the decimal digits, in the form of a line chart, by pressing the F9 function on the keyboard, with a simple flick.
Θ– Θ

The 10,000 decimal digits of Π was taken from here. You will see from that the frequency of digits is very similar yet the numbers do not seem t0 converge:


(a video by Numberphile on the one million digits of is worth mentioning here.). If you are interested in Excel formulas, you would like to check how I have used the Offset function to randomly select a row for the series that’s  just been plotted.
Σ– Σ

Also, using conditioning formatting (press F9 to randomise the shapes), one can generate artwork that is very personal. I have chosen ‘Yellow‘; for numbers: 0 -3; ‘Blue‘ for numbers: 4-6; ‘Orange‘ for numbers: 7-9 and used the repeat function to add dashes to a cell. It looks pretty indeed. You can also see the sparkline in the excel file to get a quick glance at the variations of points in the 1200 or so rows. Excel file




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