A day of mourning


Today, March 22,
Will be another day in History.
I ask with a big lump
in my throat: why, again ?

Such cowards they were,
With no fear of retribution,
Killing innocent people and children,
All in the name of an ideal.

Cowards indeed they were,
For they were humans no more,
no less than a deadwood,
or a chunk of flesh sans feelings.

Scores of people injured and dead.
And Wikipedia pages have already been created.
The parliaments will close the border once again,
And immigrants shall once again plead and tussle at the camps,
(…for a better life).

Those idealistic Cowards with heavy arms,
Strut around mercilessly with joy and scream,
With another accomplished mission to augment their beliefs,
The mothers who gave birth to such monsters,
Would sit silently in the kitchen making breads and Halal meat sauce,
With not a soul to share the pain of the atrocity their lads are indulged in.

We celebrated the international women’s day on March 8,
the mother’s day on 6 March.
Yet today the 22 March, will be a day
that will taunt us for many more years to come.

May the dream and visions of
those who lost their lives,
mingle with the stream of consciousness,
that we partake in as well…

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