Musings of yeastly nature


Advanced we are,
The higher eukaryotes,
With distinct boundaries and roles,
Yet there is something beautiful
About the primitives of yesterdays too ):
With their blurred boundaries
And possibly more harmony perhaps ?
We all aspire,
To live a life full of happiness,
Some succeed,
Others suffer perennially,
While in search of a better life.
But again what defines life ?
There is beauty
In living simply too, perhaps ?
Looking at the microscope
I can see the guts
Of yeasts.
They coexist with their
Long slender partners – yes the mitochondria;
I see black and white in one instant,
Thence changeth with a flick of a switch.
When did we divide people as black and white ?

The microbes do have a clue
For they seem to teach,
That communities are,
Better than individuals.
A group from MIT,
Managed to grow E.coli
And yeast to produce
Taxol. One helps another, perhaps.
Such simple lives these
Lilliputians live,
Wholly depended on diffusion-
Transfer of nutrients,
In habitats as wild as Atacama,
Whilst carefully guarding their water content,
Else the Sun shall roast them hard.

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