Musings in a world of wordly nature…

a cock & bull story it is …

9 soldiers lost their lives in Siachen glacier due to an avalanche; Why doesn’t Tan and In.dia come together and abolish this extremely inhuman task of guarding the borders. Why are they so afraid that one of them will seize the land of others.

/ Do humans own the land on earth \
Mr. D on a L.D.T would earnestly like to build a wall, to protect the country. But is a land of immigrants. It is just a 300 year old country.

/ Shall we most politely remind Mr. D on a L.D.T \
What is the necessity of Car.nival ? Perhaps to bring together, to meet prospective matches; is it just an occasion to drink to one’s heart’s content ? Children and older people are afraid to venture out at times due to excessive drinking; the patrol police had to guard the streets with helmets and protective gears.

/ How shall we celebrate the car.nival \
Mr. Net. any. uhu… would like to build a wall as well to protect the Israelis from wild beasts (as any. uhu… puts it). Is building a wall sufficient to muzzle the protesters on the other side of the wall. In Berlin, a wall was demolished and elsewhere, new walls are being erected;

/ Is not History merely repeating itself \
Power corrupts man (most of main political leaders of many countries are men); how do they sleep at night ? They probably have children; I wonder how their love differs from universal love. What do they tell their loved ones day and night ? To kill ? To seek vengeance ?

/ What kind of a love is that \


The belly of a gargantuan

3 thoughts on “Musings in a world of wordly nature…

  1. (coNtinued) a land of immigrants. Yannis Varoufakis so aptly pointed out that we are all immigrants as the whole of humanity came out of Africa. Varoufakis was speaking at a panel discussion in Cambridge.

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