Many a thing possesses.
Including My heart which has one.
My bedside alarm clock has one.
It’s cycles of numbers repeating itself,
Must qualify as a rhythm likewise.

My mother’s plait has a rhythm,
The exhaled air molecules has a rhythm,
The sun and stars have a rhythm too.
The day and the light,
Or the swallow of beer down the throat
For that matter
Constitute rhythms as well.

When all things
Possess rhythm,
would they ever decay ?
My alarm clock will stop
When the battery dies.
My heart will stop
When breathing ends.
When my breathing ceases,
The exhalation discontinues.
And my mother’s plait
Shall  get burnt on the funeral pyre.
Would the cosmic rhythm of
light and day Be preserved ?
What provides the earth
The energy to rotate ?
Is there rhythm in emptiness ?

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