Here we go again…

Today the streets belonged to the
water from the sky.
Yes, truly it was. You have to believe me.
The 10th of March 2016.
Yes, that’s it. That’s the number.
It can be prime factorised as
2^4 times 71 times 8,831.
Shall we move on ?
Yes, of course, Dottore.
We shall.
The water ruled the streets, for
it smashed against the rubbish bins
with four wheels that were made of rubber;
Yes, natural rubber, from Malaysia.
The flowing water made a nice
sinusoidal curve around it.
We must bring the school children
next time to teach the basics of Sin{x}.
See, here you go again,
off tangent.
scusa dottore.

The water was invincible.
You put your leg and thou shall be pulled inside.
The cars, the trash,
the leaves and the dirt,
float away, dead,
into a stream.
Where goeth this stream,
May I humbly ask ?
They are going to see Padre Romario,
For they made a pact zillion years ago,
that they shall take the energy from earth,
ascent into the sky
and come down to see the Padre.
Here they are,
at a meeting organised by Padre Romario,
at a congregation,
of the water molecules of the universe at Vila Romana.
The water molecules looked alike
for they had a bond angle of 104.5 degrees.
They sat next to each other
and obediently listened what Padre was going to say.
Don Sisinno was playing the organ, I hear,
The barber overture of Seville‘ by Rossini.
Guru Sri Sri Sri Roma rio is none other than
the Thermodynamic force of the universe.
Neither could you see him, nor could you  feel him but thou
shall truly experience the force.
Imam R. Omar i o starts.
Thou shall consume 60 Zepto Joules
as latent heat, and rise to the heavens.
And you shall remain obedient
within as nuvens (the clouds).
When you attain a critical mass,
and when the earth needs you,
you shall be sent back,
thou shall release the energy
and warm the planet.
Hence the water molecules
dutifully carried out this act
day in and day out,
with no time to repose.
Till day, yes
the 10 of March 2016.
which can be prime factorised
as 2^4 times 71 times 8,831.
See, here you go again.
The canon continues…

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