Letters to Friend – II


Many a strains were tested
by astute Ms. P
on the benches of SBC,
in many a lab at Utrecht.
The strains searched, I hear,
were a bit moldy than usual,
for Dame P was looking for
one specific hydrolase.
Many a test were conducted
to check if it would hit the benchmark,
after all, one needs an enzyme,
with more Vmax than normal.
Gathered perhaps with results such as these,
Senorita B shall come back to LEMeB,
to work on the benches here,
in the very Southern Hemisphere.
With only a couple of years to spare,
many such genes would be tested,
on the shoulder of giants, such as PE-2,
diploid, I hear the industrial yeast is.
Long gone would this writer be,
when Ms.B will receive her doctorate,
what with provas and concursos
that is reminiscent of the writer’s own experience
at Lyngby in DTU.
Stop here, shall I duly,
for too long a prose
might make many a people,
bored at times.
Hope that time will run soon
to hear more from Ms. B
in a few days time.
Ate mais, minha amiga.


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