Imaginar um mundo onde…


A world where there are no borders.
A world where there are no religions,
And there are
All the religions on the planet.

WP_20151210_11_00_05_Pro 1
Where we would study for pleasure.
Where we would play without heeding
much to the scores.
Where we are raised by many
mothers and fathers.

Where we would walk
at midnight even in the darkest alley,
with not an iota of fear,
Where a girl is treated as a human being,
and not merely as another gender,
Where a girl will never be raped,
Where being a homosexual or transgender is
as not considered as abnormal.
Where we would grow our own vegetables,
Where we would produce our finest wines and beers,
Where we use the land wisely,
And hunt to eat animal food.

Where we function as one mind,
And with one heart,
Where we shall be governed by everyone
And no one.
Where there will be no wars,
And all the wrath will be disclosed.
Where we function as one organism,
We move together,
We care for each other,
We share the resources,
and Knowledge,
We have nothing to lose,
And nothing to gain.
We speak a multitude of languages
And it is perfectly fine
to use sign language as well.
Where being diseased is not a curse,
And everyone shall look after the sick,
Where everyone is happy and honest,
With no crime, there is no need of money,
Or companies either.
We shall have no worries.

Indeed a fantastic imagination !
Even if such a world exists,
Would the human mind be capable
Of meeting it ? OR
Would humans eventually fall
Prey to the mind ?
Must we have a world mind day ?

and a day for Imagination ?



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