Um dia para lembrar

The second of March
dois mil e e dezesseis
was a day to remember,
for many a few.


It started off like another day,
in a town of a million people;
people going to work normally,
the padarias serving bread and cakes,
the circulo buses plying to and fro
from the highway to the unicamp


Everything was happening like any other day.

And then…


I remember distinctly, when it began.
Bird flocks were returning home, the ants, which otherwise
were busy carrying leaves, were not to be seen.
And the trees were truly bellowing aloud.


However, a strange air of jocularity
seemed to pervade the building
of FEA. And then, it came down
with an invincible force that shuddered many a thing.


First the lightning struck and its
uninvited and unannounced assailant – the thunder,
hit hard on the residents of Campinas,
and many a children cried of fear of the impending danger.

The water vapour, unable to hold the
weight of itself, in dark clouds,
came down with such force, confirming once again,
that law of conservation of energy has to be right.


The rain water fell on the trees,
on the branches, on the cars, on the people,
and on the rooftops of FEA,
with many a holes on it.


For the building was very old,
the conduits carrying the rain water
were very narrow indeed.
And the gushing water met with an impediment.

Alas, the freedom of the water body
was snatched by a narrow hole.
Twas good to know that even
non-living entities gasp to be free.

The floating house

Unable to drain via flow energy,
the water started to rise through the drain pipes
inside many a labs, bursting many a pipes
and flooding many a bench tops.

At around 3:45 pm,
in our sala de lamentação,
home to three HPLCs, T from Analitica
was working away, when the flooding commenced.


J, C, S, D and P
worked with agility to stop the flowing water,
The professors were asked to come
and inspect the disaster that struck their workplace.

Dr. A came and being en engineer
that he is, was looking for the problem
which caused this catastrophe. He went
to sala quatorze and arrived victoriously a few minutes later.


We learnt with much enthusiasm, that the main drain was
blocked and the force of water
is forcing many an opening to open up
and spew its contents.

The Acela HPLC was moved to a new room
where at last, there were no pipes to affect it.
Hopes were high that the machine
will work in this new place, after many ill-fated switch offs and ons.


Such is the condition that we work with
everyday. The whole world will not know it;
the journals which accept the manuscripts will not know it;
the funding agencies which allocated funds will not know it.

Another day has just passed;
And life will carry on as normal everywhere.
A new day will be born again,
and we will carry on.


Video of the flooding in Unicamp here

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