The land of wisdom…

In a far away land,
In the land of wisdom,
lived and ruled
a bearded, Mr Modi.

Mr. Modi travels a great deal,
Meeting the Presidents and Prime Ministers,
The CEOs and Rectors,
Sporting a slogan:
‘Please Make in India’.



His own kind in some Indian states,
Devise precarious rules,
One day : they ban the sale of beef,
And another day, they ban internet,
The V*Ps, R*S and B*P
Have become an anathema
For harmony and peace.


WP_20151210_11_00_05_Pro 1

Efforts of Mr. Modi
Inevitably shall go in vain,
As the Hindu forces
Have mutated,
Become less tolerant,
To people, animals and
Everything in general;
Yet, more obsessive
About Ram, Sita and Ganga.


Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Ganesh

Reporters and news channels,
YouTubers and vLoggers,
Meticulously report the atrocity
In the name of religion, caste,
Gender and corruption.

Temple elephant, Madurai

The end result is:
A mob lynches a poor man
because they suspected that he ate beef.
Who will mitigate the sorrow of
the mourning mother ?
A land which exports more beef and
yet displays such brazen violence in the name of religion.


amer 2
Amer, Jaipur

What has happened to this country
that once was a land of wisdom,
where hath all the wisdom gone?
Hath the kaliyuga reached its pinnacle
and controlling many a string,
I sometimes wonder.



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