e for Euler’s…

We use this all the time,
in our calculations
Might you wonder,
What I have been prevaricating about;
It is our own venerable
exponential function:
Y = e to the power of X.

e had been of much use
in banks and population growth models.
and employed by many
with a punch of a few buttons,
in our lofty calculators.

It also comes hidden in our growth rate calculations,
and is the basis for very many tabulations,
including Verduyn’s publications.
‘Give me the growth rate
and I shall give you the q-rates’.
Such power this mu (hidden e) has.

Saw I a very interesting video
of this e being explained
by none other than Gilbert Strand
of MIT; Might you be interested in
watching this 38 minute long act,
worth every minute as one claims so.

Without further adieu,
here it is, the revered e,
explained in simple terms
in this very clip:

Went ahead, I and
did some calculations in Excel.
And you can see in this file,
e calculated using the power series,
as a limit and
through an Excel function.
Very quickly e out competes
the next massive number
we know very well.

Of course this big number has to be
the mighty Avagadro’s:
10 to the power of 23.
Even this has to succumb
to the climbing power of e.
Such is the strength of
the Euler’s number.

Nothing could stand
the ascent of e;
hopefully nutrients alone can halt its growth;
else, E.coli will soon colonise
the entire planet,
and you will figure out easily,
why such a claim has been made so.

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