A precious gift

Gape at the sky, shall we?

Sleep is such an important thing.
Privileged they are who
get a good night sleep.
The city brims into life
at night especially,
only those who dare
to venture out
shall see the night
at its full splendour.

Mon Paris

I see, the sky above
gaping at me
as I stare out of the window
the city all forlorn,
with the dogs barking sporadically,
and here and there cars criss-cross,
ready to go to the garage too,
to retire and to a
receive a night of repose too.


The car’s owners,
perhaps a tad drunk,
ready to collapse
at the leather couches of their
palatial mansion,
by the beaches of Ipanema.

Guanabara Bay

What have they seen,
of this wonderful night,
Might I ask;
Is the dream of being
out and exploring the night,
only a charade,
to bring out
the animal in us,
I ponder.
For days hence,
I shall admire the night
with awe,
it does possess a charm
that others that I have seen,
seem not to have.


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